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How to Hide or Disguise Speaker Wire Around the Home A modern living room with wall-mounted TV, stereo speakers, and a couch

Home Theater Wiring Covers - And if your home theater wiring is part of a renovation project, it is also advisable to cover the extra cable lengths and termination/junction boxes. The plastering/painting process. And If you want to keep cabling looking clean and classy, use speaker wall plates. These plates look similar to light switch or power outlet covers, but provide binding posts or spring clip terminals for multiple sets of speakers. Some even feature HDMI ports, ideal for home theater systems.. Home Theater Wiring Tricks and Techniques News & Opinion Clint DeBoer When you’re wiring up your home theater, don’t get confused by all of the options available to you..

However, if the wiring network for your home theater requires more than 50 feet of wire or if you want to set up in-wall or ceiling speakers, you may need to use a thicker wire (preferably 14 or 12-gauge) because long cable runs can cause considerable power losses.. Wiring and cables are the arteries of your home theater, connecting all the vital equipment that create your custom cinema experience. Since most cables and wires will be run behind walls, in ceilings or under the floor, it is essential to use high quality cables and wiring that will last and will not need to be replaced frequently.. Information on types of Home Theater speakers, placement, wiring and setup. Structured Home Wiring Future Wire your Smart Home: In a home theater setup bipole speakers are better behind the listener at the back of the room, and dipoles are better when placed at the side of the listener on the sides of the room. These speakers cover the.

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